Transform Your Dining Experience with Tilly Living's Set of 6 Placemats

April 15, 2023 7 min read

Transform Your Dining Experience with Tilly Living's Set of 6 Placemats

Transform Your Dining Experience with Tilly Living's Set of 6 Placemats

Imagine sitting down to a beautiful dining table, with every detail meticulously thought out, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The perfect table setting can turn even the simplest meal into an unforgettable experience. At the heart of this stunning table setting lies a set of 6 placemats from Tilly Living. In this article, we'll delve into the importance of our placemats, the materials used, and why you should choose Tilly Living today. So, join us on this journey to elevate your dining experiences with a touch of emotion and a whole lot of style.

set of 6 placemats

The Importance of Tilly Living's Set of 6 Placemats

Protecting Surfaces

Our placemats are more than just decorative accessories. They play a crucial role in safeguarding your table from spills, heat, and scratches. With Tilly Living's placemats, you can ensure that your table remains as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Enhancing Table Aesthetics

A well-chosen placemat can breathe new life into your table setting, adding a layer of sophistication and style. Our wide range of designs, colors, and materials ensures that you can find the perfect placemats to suit your unique taste and complement your existing tableware.

Setting the Mood

As you gather around the table with family and friends, Tilly Living's placemats help to set the mood and create lasting memories. From intimate dinners to festive celebrations, our placemats bring a sense of warmth and comfort to every occasion.

set of 6 placemats

set of 6 placemats

Materials Used in Tilly Living's Placemats


Our fabric placemats are crafted from high-quality materials like cotton and linen. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, these placemats offer a versatile and stylish option for any table setting.


Tilly Living's vinyl placemats are designed for those who prioritize ease of care and durability. Our vinyl placemats are available in a range of contemporary designs that will add a touch of modern elegance to your table.


Our bamboo placemats are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, reflecting our commitment to preserving the environment. These placemats bring a calming, natural touch to your dining table, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere.


Tilly Living's cork placemats offer a touch of luxury and sophistication to your dining experience. Their natural water-resistant and heat-insulating properties make them both practical and elegant, creating a dining experience that is both refined and functional.

set of 6 placemats

set of 6 placemats

Why Choose Tilly Living's Set of 6 Placemats

Quality and Durability

Our placemats are made from premium materials, ensuring that they stand the test of time. By choosing Tilly Living, you're investing in long-lasting and durable placemats that will grace your table for years to come.

Design and Style

We take pride in offering a diverse range of designs and styles to suit every taste. From classic patterns to modern minimalism, you'll find the perfect placemats to express your unique style and create a dining experience that speaks to your soul.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

At Tilly Living, we understand the importance of preserving the environment. Our eco-friendly placemats are made from sustainable materials, ensuring that you can feel good about your purchase while enjoying a stylish dining experience.

set of 6 placemats

Exclusive Tilly Living Placemat Collections

Linen Round Placemat:

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite and resilient Linen Round Placemat and Coasters. Boasting a timeless design, refined natural texture, and a spectrum of colors, these superior-quality placemats are perfect for any event. Relish the everlasting allure of Tilly Living's thoughtfully crafted Linen Round Placemats, which add warmth and style to your dining moments, making each meal a cherished memory.

Envision a snug, candlelit feast with dear ones, encircled by the welcoming ambiance of our linen placemats. Masterfully woven by skilled artisans, these placemats unite opulence and absorbency, safeguarding your table and maturing gracefully with every wash. Accessible in stunning, earthy hues, our adaptable placemats seamlessly enhance any table setting. Experience Tilly Living's Linen Round Placemats and transform your dining instances into unforgettable festivities.

set of 6 placemats

Tilly Placemats:

Tilly Placemats present a magnificent assortment designed to elevate your dining encounters. Created from premium materials, they bring a distinctive touch to any table arrangement. Our Emilie Designer Placemat & Coaster Set embodies Tilly's innate elegance and allure, showcasing intricate patterns that narrate a tale of love, laughter, and precious memories.

Constructed from the finest materials, these resilient placemats protect your table while enriching every meal's enjoyment. Picture the warm candlelight, dancing shadows, and joyous laughter filling the air as our Emilie Set serves as the foundation for unforgettable moments with loved ones. Embrace the magic of the Emilie Designer Placemat & Coaster Set and allow it to transform each meal into a celebration of love, happiness, and togetherness. Explore our classic collection on our website and experience its captivating charm.

set of 6 placemats

Classic Gold Placemat by Tilly:

The Tilly Classic Gold Placemat infuses an element of luxury into any table presentation. Crafted from top-notch materials with a stunning gold finish, this ageless and elegant piece will be cherished for years to come. Radiating sophistication, it elevates your dining experience and sets the stage for bewitching dinner parties.

The intricate design features an alluring gold pattern, amplifying the warm radiance of candlelight and generating a mesmerizing interaction of light and shadow. Durable and enduring, it's ideal for creating treasured memories. Envision loved ones congregated around, savoring delectable food, laughter, and the captivating atmosphere created by the Tilly Classic Gold Placemat—a truly unforgettable experience.

With the Tilly Classic Gold Placemat, each shared meal evolves into a heartwarming celebration, transforming simple gatherings into memorable events. As laughter resonates, the golden hues on the placemat seem to envelop the room, weaving a tapestry of warmth and delight.

set of 6 placemats

The Harrison Placemat:

A stylish, contemporary choice for your table, the Harrison Placemat showcases an eye-catching geometric pattern. Its durable, easy-to-clean material is available in various colors to complement your decor. Available exclusively at Tilly Living, this heartening placemat evokes treasured recollections of love and laughter-filled family dinners.

Crafted from premium, eco-friendly material, the Harrison Placemat displays care for the planet while offering a soft, luxurious feel. Each purchase contributes to a sustainable future, nurturing a connection to the environment. The ageless, sophisticated pattern fuses elegance and modernity, transforming your dining table into the heart of the home where memories are forged, and love is shared.

set of 6 placemats

set of 6 placemats

Caring for Your Tilly Living Placemats

Proper care is essential for keeping your Tilly Living placemats looking their best. For fabric placemats, follow the care label instructions, which typically involve machine washing and air drying. Wipe vinyl, bamboo, and cork placemats with a damp cloth and let them air dry.

set of 6 placemats

Testimonials from Happy Customers

Don't just take our word for it – our happy customers can attest to the quality and style of Tilly Living's placemats. Read their heartfelt stories and experiences, and discover how our placemats have transformed their dining tables and enriched their lives.

set of 6 placemats


A set of 6 placemats from Tilly Living is more than just a beautiful addition to your dining table; it's an emotional investment in creating unforgettable moments with loved ones. Our placemats protect surfaces, enhance aesthetics, and set the mood for meaningful meals. With our diverse range of materials, colors, and patterns, you're sure to find the perfect set to complement your tableware and decor. Experience the Tilly Living difference today, and create dining experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime.

set of 6 placemats

set of 6 placemats


Can I use Tilly Living placemats with a tablecloth?

Absolutely! Layering a tablecloth and Tilly Living placemats creates a cohesive and stylish table setting.

How many Tilly Living placemats do I need?

A set of 6 placemats is perfect for most households. However, you can always purchase additional sets for larger gatherings or to have a variety of designs on hand.

Are Tilly Living fabric placemats machine washable?

Most of our fabric placemats are machine washable, but always check the care label for specific instructions to keep them looking their best.

Do I need to iron my Tilly Living fabric placemats?

Some fabric placemats may require ironing to maintain their appearance, while others are wrinkle-resistant. Check the care label for guidance.

How should I store my Tilly Living placemats when not in use?

Store placemats flat or gently rolled to prevent creasing and damage. This will help ensure they are ready to grace your table whenever you need them.
set of 6 placemats

    Discover the Magic of Tilly Living's Set of 6 Placemats Today

    Create a dining experience that is truly unforgettable with a set of 6 placemats from Tilly Living. Our commitment to quality, design, and sustainability ensures that you can enjoy a stylish and emotional dining experience that lasts a lifetime. Don't wait – visit Tilly Living's Placemat Collection and find the perfect placemats to transform your table today.

    set of 6 placemats

    set of 6 placemats

    How Much Material Do You Need to Make 6 Placemats?

    The amount of material you need to make 6 placemats depends on the size and material of the placemats you're making. For example, if you're making 12x18 inch cotton placemats, you'll need approximately 2 yards of fabric per 6 placemats. If you're using a different material, such as cork or bamboo, the amount of material you need may vary. It's best to check with the manufacturer for specific information on how much material is needed for your desired placemats.

    How Many Placemats Should You Have?

    When it comes to placemats, it's best to have one for each person at the table. A set of 6 placemats is perfect for families or small gatherings of friends. However, if you have a larger family or entertain frequently, you may want to consider purchasing additional placemats to ensure everyone has one.

    How Many Table Mats in a Set?

    A set of placemats typically includes 6 table mats. This number is perfect for a family or small gathering, but you may want to consider purchasing additional placemats if you have a larger family or entertain frequently.

    What Size is a Placemat Set?

    The size of a placemat set can vary, but the most common size is 12x18 inches. However, placemats can be found in a range of sizes to accommodate different table sizes and personal preferences. When choosing your placemats, be sure to measure your table to ensure you choose the right size.

    set of 6 placemats

    set of 6 placemats