Japanese Style Utensil Holder

Hold The Roses! Send Me Teak Utensils Instead! 

Japanese Style Utensil Holder

We designed our utensil holder to allow your utensils to "bloom" and be on full display! It also makes it much easier to grab what you need vs fighting the holder and other utensils just to pull out what you need whilst preparing that perfect meal. 

Japanese Style Utensil Holder

Show off your *Teak Utensil Set in our Japanese-Style Utensil Holder, it will look great on any kitchen countertop, it also makes the perfect gift! 

This timeless style is the perfect compliment to any existing decor and it fits our teak utensil set perfectly! 

Japanese Style Utensil Holder

We love an organized kitchen, the extra space it provides in our draws from using our gorgeous Japanese Utensil Holders has been amazing! We have one by our cooktop to hold our cooking utensils and one on our dining table to display our cutlery, they're so beautiful! A true work of art!



  • Diameter 13.8cm / 5.4"
  • Height 17cm / 6.7"
Japanese Style Utensil Holder

Package Includes: 1 x Japanese Style Utensil Holder.

*Teak Utensils are not included but can be purchased separately by clicking on the link below:
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