Celebrating Easter with Family-Centered, Festive Placemats

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easter placemats

Celebrating Easter with Family-Centered, Festive Placemats


Easter is a special time of year when families come together to celebrate new beginnings and share in the joy of the season. It's a time for laughter, love, and making memories that will last a lifetime. In the heart of these gatherings is the family table, where festive meals and delightful conversation take place.

easter placemats

Setting the Tone for Easter Celebrations

One way to set the tone for your Easter celebration is by using family-centered, festive placemats. These delightful table accessories not only protect your table from spills and stains but also bring an added touch of joy and warmth to your family gathering. In this article, we'll explore some creative DIY ideas and tips for purchasing the perfect Easter placemats to make your celebration extra special.

easter placemats

DIY Easter Placemat Ideas

Bunny-shaped Placemats

Materials Needed

  • Sturdy cardstock or felt
  • Bunny template
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative items (buttons, ribbons, etc.)

Steps to Create

  1. Print or draw a bunny template on the cardstock or felt.
  2. Carefully cut out the bunny shape.
  3. Decorate the bunny with buttons for eyes, a ribbon for the bow, or any other embellishments you desire.
  4. Place the finished bunny-shaped placemat on your table for a fun and festive Easter touch.

Egg-decorated Placemats

Materials Needed

  • Plain placemats (fabric or paper)
  • Fabric or acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Egg-shaped stencil or freehand drawing

Steps to Create

  1. Lay out the plain placemats on a protected surface.
  2. Use the egg-shaped stencil or freehand drawing to create egg designs on the placemats with paint.
  3. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  4. Set the decorated placemats on your table for a colorful and festive Easter display.

Handprint Chick Placemats

Materials Needed

  • Plain placemats (fabric or paper) 
  • Yellow paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Black and orange markers
  • A pair of googly eyes (optional)

Steps to Create

  1. Have your child dip their hand in the yellow paint and press it onto the placemat, with fingers spread apart.
  2. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  3. With the black marker, draw two legs and feet beneath the handprint.
  4. Use the orange marker to draw a beak on the thumb (which represents the chick's head).
  5. Add googly eyes or draw them on with the black marker for a finishing touch.
  6. Place these adorable handprint chick placemats on your table for a heartwarming and festive Easter touch that will remind you of the love and joy shared by your family.

easter placemats

easter placemats

Purchasing Easter Placemats

Where to Buy

If you prefer to purchase ready-made Easter placemats, many stores offer a wide variety of options. Check out local home goods stores, department stores, or online retailers like Amazon and Etsy for a vast selection of festive designs.

Popular Designs

When shopping for Easter placemats, you'll find an array of designs to choose from. Some popular choices include:

  • Floral patterns
  • Egg and bunny motifs
  • Pastel colors and spring themes
  • Religious symbols
  • Personalized options with family names

easter placemats


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Easter Placemats

Consider Your Table Setting

Think about the size, shape, and color of your table and tableware. Choose placemats that will complement your existing setup and enhance the overall aesthetic of your Easter celebration.

Coordinate with Other Decorations

To create a cohesive look, select placemats that match or complement other decorations, such as tablecloths, napkins, and centerpieces. This will make your table setting feel more harmonious and put-together.

Choose Easy-to-clean Materials

Spills and stains are inevitable during family gatherings. Opt for placemats made from materials that can be easily wiped clean or thrown in the washing machine, so you can focus on enjoying your time together.

easter placemats


Making Easter Extra Special with Placemats

Create Lasting Memories

Using festive placemats for your Easter gathering is a simple yet meaningful way to make the occasion even more memorable. They'll serve as a visual reminder of the love, laughter, and togetherness that make family gatherings so special.

Engage Kids in the Festivities

Involving children in the creation or selection of Easter placemats is a fantastic way to include them in the celebration and help them feel more connected to the family traditions. Plus, it's an opportunity for them to express their creativity and make a unique contribution to the festivities.

easter placemats


easter placemats



  1. Can I use paper placemats for my Easter table setting?
    Yes, paper placemats are an affordable and disposable option that can still add a festive touch to your table.

  2. How can I make my Easter placemats more personal?
    Consider creating custom placemats with your family's name, a favorite quote, or even photographs to make them more meaningful.

  3. What are some other DIY placemat ideas?
    You can try painting or stamping designs onto plain placemats, using fabric markers to create unique patterns, or even sewing your own from festive fabric.

  4. How can I involve my children in setting the Easter table?
    Encourage your children to help you choose or create the placemats, set the table, and arrange the decorations. This will create a sense of ownership and pride in their contribution to the celebration.

  5. How can I reuse or repurpose my Easter placemats after the holiday? Depending on the material and design, you can repurpose your Easter placemats by cutting them into smaller pieces for crafting projects, using them as play mats for children, or even framing them as a keepsake or wall décor.

easter placemats



Easter is a time for family, love, and celebration. Adding festive, family-centered placemats to your table setting is an easy and effective way to enhance the atmosphere and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you choose to make your own or purchase them, these placemats will surely bring warmth and joy to your Easter gathering.

easter placemats

easter placemats


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