Compost Bin

Maximize Green, Minimize Waste

Composting has never been easier. Introducing our Compost Bin—the silent hero of sustainability in your kitchen. Designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind, our bin makes composting effortless and accessible to all.

How does it enhance your life and home?

⏩ Embrace Eco-Friendly Living:
Effortlessly sort organic waste for a healthier planet.
Simplify waste management during garbage collection, making a positive impact with ease.
Produce nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden, embracing sustainability and saving on expensive fertilizers.

⏩ Space-Saving Marvel:
The compact size fits seamlessly into any kitchen.
Neatly tucked away under your sink or atop your countertop.
Easily transport with the swivel handle, whether to your backyard or a community composting site.

⏩ Odor-Free Bliss:
Activated carbon filter traps and neutralizes unpleasant smells.
A breathable, ventilated lid promotes optimal air circulation.
Elegant design blends seamlessly into your kitchen decor.

How do I clean it?

Cleanse with warm, soapy water for hassle-free maintenance. Gently wipe the lid with a damp cloth to keep it pristine.


Material: Metal
Size: 18.2 x 18.2 x 15 cm / 7.16" x 7.16" x 5.90" inches
Product Weight: 540g
Package includes: 1 x Compost Bin