Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

It's always fun to see all of the fresh produce, meats, and other food products that are available at your local supermarket. A reusable cotton mesh produce bag may be your answer.

This eco-friendly bag can reduce the use of disposable plastic bags by as much as 90%. It is light and easy to store in your purse or car, and its drawstring closure makes it convenient when shopping. You can even wash it easily when needed! These cotton meshes produce bags that are best suited for carrying and storing fruits and vegetables at home or while shopping at the grocery store.

These bags allow your fruits and vegetables to breathe. The cotton mesh material retains moisture while keeping out harmful bacteria and mold spores that can cause foodborne illness or spoilage.

A multipurpose mesh bag can be used for almost anything. They can also be used to hold jewelry and other accessories, such as coins, toys, and cables. These versatile bags come in different sizes so that they can fit your needs perfectly.

Some people even use them as laundry bags.

Most of all, it helps keep the environment clean by reducing the use of disposable plastic bags. The next time you go to the store, bring your own cotton mesh produce bag.


Material: Cotton, Hemp rope
Size: Small - 25 x 19 cm. / 9.84 x 7.48 inches
         Medium - 25 x 31 cm. / 9.84 x 12.20 inches
         Large - 25 x 41 cm. / 9.84 x 16.14 inches
Package includes: 1x Cotton Mesh Produce Bag