Madeline's Ramen Bowl

Bring the experience of dining at a fancy ramen restaurant to your home.

Madeline's Ramen Bowl can be used for more than just ramen! Use it to serve soups and stews, or hold that savory pot roast you’re bringing to a holiday dinner. Perfect for all of your steaming ramen and noodle favorites, including pho, udon, and soba. With a stylish hat design, there is no need to worry about spilling.

Made with the finest food-safe ceramic, our Madeline's Ramen Bowl will keep your soup at the right temperature until the last bite. When you're done, simply place it in your dishwasher's top rack or wash it by hand.


Material: Ceramic, Porcelain
Size: Bowl - 7" and 8" inches
Chopsticks - 23.4 cm / 9.21 inches
Spoon - 21 cm / 8.26 inches (approximately)
Capacity: 7 inches - 700 ml
8 inches - 1000 ml
Package includes: 1x Hat Ceramic Bowl
1x Spoon
1x Pair of Chopsticks