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Moving Sand Art

Sit Back, Relax, And Watch Art Flow!

Make any space feel more peaceful and relaxing by adding in the SandFlow to the mix. The SandFlow will mesmerize you the more you watch it, making it a great piece to decorate your home with.

The SandFlow forms colorful mountains that are amazing to look at. Plus, the SandFlow is encased in a beautiful round frame that gives it a touch of elegance and class.

Beautiful Design - Expect nothing but outstanding colors with the SandFlow. It shows off a gradient of vibrant colors that give it that extra ounce of style and beauty.

Calming Effect - Our SandFlow gives you the unique experience of watching sand slowly stream down to its base. It even forms beautiful hills of gradient sand the more that the sand flows down.

Place Anywhere - Due to its compact design, the SandFlow is easy to place anywhere. You can place it on top of your dresser, on a shelf, or even on your bedside.

Perfect Gift - By gifting a SandFlow to your loved one, you provide them with peace and comfort that is not easily matched. It's something perfect to give during a party or a special occasion due to its beautiful and unforgettable structure.

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Package Includes: 1 x Sandscape 


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