Teak Wooden Utensil Set - The Healthier Alternative

Tired of mismatched utensils that don't last? 

You've tried silicone, metal and plastic utensils over the years and they just don't seem to last or even worse, they scratch your pots and pans! 

Our Teak Utensil Set is made of natural teak wood, so they are made to last. As a bonus, they are heat and corrosion resistant! Making them the healthier choice! 

The Benefits

✔️ Made of Natural Teak Wood - wooden utensils don't leach any chemicals giving you peace of mind
✔️ Non - Scratch Material - Won't scratch your non-stick pots and pans
✔️ Heat Resistant- does not conduct heat, so they don't get hot while you're cooking. They won't melt like silicone utensils.
✔️ Corrosion Resistant - does not react to acids making them last longer than metal utensils that rust!
✔️ Made To Last - beautifully hand made quality means they will last for years to come

Enjoy cooking in your kitchen again! 

Perfect for:
✔ Anyone who's love language is cooking for their friends and family
✔ Loves an organized kitchen
✔ Enjoys cooking and baking
✔ Wants a better alternative to silicone and metal cookware 

Treat yourself to a utensil set that benefits you and your family! 

Declutter and bring serenity back to your kitchen! Forget all the clutter and replace your old silicone or mismatched utensils with good-quality wooden utensils that will last for years to come!

Replace old silicone and metal utensils - Quality kitchen utensil set that can replace the silicone ones that have come apart over the years. Beautiful, smooth and sturdy - these utensils not only add to the joy of cooking but also look gorgeous displayed on your countertop!

Will the set be suitable for my cooking needs? 

Yes! Our 7 piece set includes all the utensils you need to scramble eggs, cook up a quick stir-fry, flip pancakes, cook pasta sauce, serve rice and so much more! The set is packaged in a beautiful reusable cotton bag and includes:
✔️ Rice Scoop - for scooping rice
✔️ Ladle- for serving soup
✔️ Flat Turner - for flipping pancakes or fish or mixing ingredients for baking or marinating
✔️ Slotted Spoon- for straining
✔️ Spatula- for stir-fries and frying
✔️ Serving Spoon - for serving salad or stir-fries
✔️ Oil/Gravy Spoon - for scooping oil or serving sauce/gravy

Air Pressure Technology

Stimulates a real human massage to bring relief to eye strain and headaches. 

Portable & Rechargeable

Foldable and convenient to carry anywhere with you and use anytime! Lasts 60-90 minutes on full charge. 

Heating System

The adjustable temperature feature between 100 to 107°F (38-42°C) stimulates blood circulation around the eyes.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Built in speakers, play your own relaxing music via Bluetooth connection

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