Tilly - Smart Sensor LED Torch

Have a handy flashlight that doesn't mess with your home decor! 

Bring out the elegance in home decor with the Tilly Smart LED Torch. The Smart LED torch lights up any room whenever motion is detected within 4m/13 ft away. 

Practical and gorgeous! Have it handy in your home as a motion-sensing light in any living space, and easily use it as a flashlight when needed! 

Tilly - Smart Sensor LED Torch

Perfect for any living space! 

This makes it suitable for any living space and also helps conserve energy only by turning on when motion is detected. The detachable design ensures you can have light wherever you go! 

Tilly - Smart Sensor LED Torch

Easy to Install 

1. Simply attach the 3M sticker to any clean surface

2. Attach the torch to the built-in magnet

3. Enjoy the light and detach when required! 

Tilly - Smart Sensor LED Torch

USB Rechargeable - Saving you from changing batteries 

The Smart Sensor LED torch has a powerful battery that lasts up 3-6 months (depending on usage) and up to 8 hours in continuous flashlight mode. 


Torch Size: 18cm x 2.5cm / 7" x 1" 

Base size: 6cm diameter / 2.4 inches 

Package includes: Torch, base and charging cable