WanderBrew Pro - Portable Reusable Coffee Filter

Savor the Journey, Brew the Perfect Cup!

Experience brewing perfection with our stainless steel, double-layered WanderBrew Pro. Perfect for at-home baristas, office caffeine enthusiasts, or adventurous travelers. Enjoy a rich, robust brew and contribute to a greener planet, one cup at a time.

➡️ Savor True Flavors
The double-layer filtration system releases the authentic, soulful aroma and robust taste of your coffee, unadulterated by filter paper. Enjoy richer, deeper brews every time.

➡️ Eco-Conscious Brewing
Say goodbye to disposable filter papers and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our reusable coffee filter reduces paper waste, letting you enjoy your coffee guilt-free.

➡️ Celebrate the Art of Manual Brewing
The stainless steel double-layer micromesh design invites you to participate in the art of brewing, heightening the joy of each sip you take. It's also suitable for tea, making it a staple for every beverage enthusiast's kitchen and camping gear.

➡️ Anywhere, Anytime
Perfect for at home, the office, or even a mountainside. This portable filter is your faithful companion, ready to brew the perfect cup of coffee wherever you are.

➡️ The Perfect Fit
The expandable bracket ensures our filter sits snugly on most mugs and cups. The compact filter folds neatly into your cup, making it a breeze to carry on all your adventures.

➡️ Garden-Friendly
Recycle your used coffee grinds as a natural fertilizer for your garden, giving back to nature in a unique way.

Every adventure deserves a great cup of coffee. With our Portable Reusable Coffee Filter, your perfect brew is just a fold and pour away!


Material: ABS, Stainless steel
Size: 12 x 7.5 cm / 4.7" x 3.0" inches
Inner diameter: 76 - 110mm / 3.0" - 4.3" inches
Package includes (based on option chosen): 1x / 2x Portable Reusable Coffee Filter

*mug not included